Metal and wood are two of the most common materials used for siding. For many years, there has been a clear difference between the two. Wood was the more affordable option, while metal was more expensive upfront, but required less maintenance.
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to maintain our green way of life, developers and homeowners have to follow unique provincial bylaws and building codes that are constantly changing. In this article, we are sharing the biggest upcoming change to the BC building code for 2022.
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Can I Use Metal Cladding for Roofing?
October 30th, 2021 | in Metal Fabrication
Metal cladding is a versatile cladding that effectively protects the exterior of a building. This popular cladding adds style and durability to a building while also protecting it from the persistent humidity of the exterior environment.
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Sometimes the question arises, how often should you clean exterior, wood-grain, metal siding? The short answer is generally once a year. Twice a year would be okay if you felt that the siding really needed it, but more than that is not advised.
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The increasing usage of metal siding in commercial and residential developments is hard to ignore. Many developers are transitioning to metal siding for its unique benefits. It offers a natural look and is easy to install. But the recent heatwaves ha
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