The increasing usage of metal siding in commercial and residential developments is hard to ignore. Many developers are transitioning to metal siding for its unique benefits. It offers a natural look and is easy to install. But the recent heatwaves ha
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In the face of this harsh reality of global warming and numerous human accidents, many clients may be wondering how they can ensure their construction projects are safe if worse comes to worst. One of the most effective ways to defend your property f
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What Are Cap Flashings?
June 30th, 2021 | in Metal Fabrication
If you are not familiar with cap flashings, it is time to learn about an important lesson in roofing. Cap flashing is a phrase used when a roofer attaches thin pieces of metal to areas where the roof meets a vertical surface, such as a wall, chimney,
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Cladding is an important part of a construction project. During this process, the exterior layer for surfaces such as roofs or walls is applied. This is done to improve structural integrity and to better insulate the property. However, with so many
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The exterior siding colours trending in 2021 are similar to the colours trending for all exterior finishes including stone and paint. In this article we will tell you what is happening with exterior design this year.
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