top 5 Reasons To Leave Custom Metal Cladding Installation to the Experts

February 24th, 2020 | in Siding and Paneling
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When using metal as siding and cladding, it's important to understand that metal comes with pros and cons. In addition, there are good reasons why you should leave custom metal cladding installation to professionals.

This article gives you some detailed information on custom metal cladding.

1. Metals are prone to dents

Different kinds of metals, especially thin sheets like aluminum, have the tendency to simply bend when they come in contact with a hard object. With any mishandling, your metal sheets can have punctures and dents rendering them unusable. Amateurs will have a tough time moving around sheet metal without damaging the sheets.

2. Metals rust easily

Rusting is another factor to consider. Some metals can be ordered with special coatings to resist rust. In some cases, oxidation and the resulting patina may be desired, such as with copper. Several different metals can be used for cladding, so it's important to understand which metal is appropriate for which application.

3. Metal is heavy

Metal cladding will be much heavier than the equivalent in plastic or vinyl. Sheet metal workers are trained to manage, carry, and cut large sheets of metal. They won't damage them because they have professional training. Handling sheet metal is not a DIY job.

4. Metal is sharp

It's easy to get hurt when working with metal. Don't forget that metal is very sharp at the edges. Sheet metal workers have special tools designed to manage those edges without damaging the metal or injuring themselves. Sheet metal apprentices are required to have 6,240 hours of work-based training in addition to almost 1000 hours of technical school to become certified.

Sheet metal is dangerous when handled by amateurs. It's almost like working with glass.

5. Price

Metal often has a higher up-front cost but a lower cost over time than other cladding materials. If you make a mistake when handling metal and have to order more or order something different, that can be a very expensive lesson to learn.

If you are considering using metal cladding, let us help you. Metalworking is what we do job.

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