Can I Use Metal Cladding for Roofing?

October 30th, 2021 | in Metal Fabrication
Can I Use Metal Cladding for Roofing

Metal cladding is a versatile cladding that effectively protects the exterior of a building. This popular cladding adds style and durability to a building while also protecting it from the persistent humidity of the exterior environment.

Is Metal Cladding Used for Roofing Projects?

Metal cladding has many benefits over traditional materials. One of the most noteworthy benefits is that metal cladding is effective for roofing projects. Metal is commonly chosen for slanted roofs to ensure moisture and snow slide off.

Metal is one of the strongest and most attractive types of cladding available on the market today. Although metal roof cladding may cost more than other types of roofs, they are very durable and resist the elements well.

Another great benefit of using metal cladding is that it is easy to install. Metal cladding sheets are large and lightweight, making it easy to cover large surfaces with a single sheet.

Which Type of Metal Cladding is Used for Roofing?

Several different types of metal cladding are used, including steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, and titanium. The type of metal used will greatly influence price and functionality.

For example, steel, which is the most common type of metal used for roofing, is an affordable and durable option. It is best suited to areas that get a lot of exposure to the sun and severe weather conditions.

Finding The Right Metal Cladding Solution

To find the right type of metal cladding for a building, it is important to contact an expert. Choosing the correct material, style, and shape requires expertise. With the help of Klassen Building Supplies, you can find the perfect metal cladding for your project. Contact us today to get started.

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