Can Metal Cladding Affect Cell Phones?

January 29th, 2021 | in Metal Fabrication

Metal buildings can create a critical challenge to different kinds of cell phones. Aluminum or steel walls are good blockers of wireless signals. The simplest way to upgrade the cell phone signal in a metal structure is to use a cellular signal booster system. The system can improve the signal indoors for one or many cell phones.

Cellular Signal Booster System

This system consist of the following:

-Outdoor antenna

-Indoor antenna

-A signal booster

-A cable

The outdoor and indoor antenna are connected to the signal booster with the help of coax cable. The outdoor antenna transmits and receives signals to and from the service provider’s tower. The indoor antenna operates with the same protocol with cellular phones. The booster attracts the outside signal, and projects it, then broadcasts it indoors.

Benefits of a Signal Booster

-A signal booster extends the battery life of cell phones. A powerful signal requires less power to transmit and receive signals.

-Signal boosters give a stable network connection to the cellular phone's users.

-A signal booster increases the data transfer to the phones. Individuals who access the internet via the cell provider experience a great improvement with the signal booster.

-Cellular signal boosters add additional security to buildings with alarm systems that depend on cellular service.

Cell phones are important devices in our daily life. Poor voice quality and bad connections are some of the things that frustrate the users in their communication. Signal boosters have been engineered to solve such scenarios.

There are many advantages to metal cladding, so don’t let the fear of cell signal interference keep you from enjoying metal cladding.

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