Can Sheet Metal Flashings be made to Match the Color Scheme of my Building?

July 29th, 2019 | in Siding and Paneling

Flashing is an important part of a building envelope, ensuring that water does not leak in at the spots where major building components, such as vents and shingles, meet. Sheet metal flashing has been the go to for many years, as it is strong and reliable.

Modern Flashing

Typical, metal flashings are the natural colour of the type metal they are constructed from. This could be aluminum, stainless steel, tub, or even zinc alloy. While these still serve the primary purpose they are designed for, many modern designers and builders want more contemporary options.

Modern flashing is now available in a wide range of colour and styles that can match the colour scheme of your building. Just as metal siding has made drastic improvements in previous years, so to has the flashing that accompanies it.

Many fabricators, such as Klassen Building Supply, are able to provide custom sheet metal flashing for all applications, such as:

- Window and Door Head

- Through Wall

- Roof Flashing

- Base of Wall

- And many more

What is unique about modern flashing is that it is also available in the customers choice of colour. This means that a designer is able to choose flashing that matches the colour of other building components, or perhaps provides a complimentary colour.

Flashing is no longer just for function, but is also for form. For your next building project, make sure you consider the colour of flashing that you will use, and order it from Klassen Building Supplies.



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