Metal Fabrication

Klassen can custom fabricate all of your required metal flashings specific to your order. And your sheet metal trims, and cladding, or course. In fact, we are your best option for any custom metal fabrication jobs you need to tackle.

Our vast experience on metal fabrication of steel and aluminum products, and our knowledge of the industry are the basis for this group of articles that contain infomation, tips and news on metal fabrication.

We hope you enjoy them and find what  you need!

What is The Role of Sheet Metal Cladding in Creating a Safe and Durable Building Envelope? Read Here to See How Metal Cladding Is The Best Choice For Secure Structural Envelopes.
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The Use of Sheet Metal Cladding in Creating Energy-Efficient Buildings is Starting to Become More Apparent. Read Here to See the Unique Benefits of Metal Cladding.
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Can You Integrate Solar Panels or Green Roofs into Sheet Metal Cladded Buildings? Yes, you can. Read this blog to see how easy it is.
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If you are considering renovating the exterior of a building, you may have heard about wood grain sheet metal siding. But what is it, and what are its advantages? Read on to learn more.
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Common Uses of Sheet Metal
April 30th, 2022 | in Metal Fabrication
Looking for Common Uses of Sheet Metal? Read this article to learn about 2 common uses of sheet metal that are seen in our everyday life. They might shock you.
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