Environmental Advantages of Metal Cladding

March 30th, 2021 | in Metal Fabrication

In engineering and design, siding and cladding is used to cover exterior building materials to give both structural and aesthetic advantages. Often this type of siding or classing is metal. Many different types of materials can be used for cladding--and have been throughout history--including stone, plastic, and wood. But today, the best solution is using metal cladding for a variety of reasons.

Environmental advantages of metal cladding

Strength and protection

Metal cladding is strong, yet light. It prevents water from entering the building envelope, and it looks great. In fact, it's very appropriate for contemporary designs. Metal is also very strong and can add to a building structural strength.


The metal cladding is non-combustible. This means that it is great for preventing the spread of fire, especially compared to wood products.

Low maintenance

Metal cladding requires very little maintenance other than power washing or washing with soap and water. Metal cladding is also highly resistant to bad weather.

Lightweight solution

The fact that metal cladding materials are also very light is just another great advantage.


Metal cladding looks different than a wood or stone exterior and can significantly change the overall appearance of a building. Metal cladding comes in different colors and finishes as well as different metals to fit with whatever your design or vision is.

Environmentally friendly

Metal cladding is one of the very few cladding materials that can be recycled. Aside from the fact that metal cladding will last longer than other cladding materials, the added advantage of it being environmentally-friendly makes it hard to top.

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