Exterior Siding Colours Trending in 2021

April 28th, 2021 | in Siding and Paneling, KBS Paneling System

The exterior siding colours trending in 2021 are similar to the colours trending for all exterior finishes including stone and paint. In this article we will tell you what is happening with exterior design this year.

In exterior design, what’s happening with siding is a continued interest in all kinds of gray. Light, medium, and dark grays are all very popular.

White remains popular, but more of an off-white or cream white than a stark white.

Individuals are moving away from white trim to darker trim colors that are either in contrast to the siding color or very similar to it.

All of the earthy colors remain popular. Anything that looks like sand or mushroom or wood is a perennial favourite.

Lastly greens and blue greens are in style this year. We are going back to our earthy roots to use colours actually found in nature. These colours are easy to live with and never look odd or unnatural. Also, metal siding ages gracefully with a natural patina.

Many buildings are opting for two-tone exteriors to show some depth and contrast. That is not hard to do, and we have all kinds of metal sidings in different colors.

What seems more important these days than just colour is the environmental impact of all the products used for buildings. Fortunately, metal siding is almost 100 percent recyclable, no matter what colour it is, that puts us ahead of the curve.

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