How Does Metal Cladding Perform in Vancouver's Climate?

October 30th, 2018 | in Siding and Paneling


Metal cladding is well-suited to Vancouver’s wet but mild climate. Because it is resistant to wear and requires little maintenance, metal cladding is a popular choice for Vancouver buildings. Customers often prefer metal cladding for its look, it’s long lasting colour, and its durability.

Metal cladding is installed by attaching interlocking horizontal or vertical panels to the exterior of a building, or by wrapping the structure’s frame. Metal classing offers reasonably good insulation, and is generally lightweight and easy to install. Because of this, it can sometime save on costs compared to other types of cladding.

Metal cladding is generally maintenance free – although giving it a good wash every year is a recommended idea. Metal cladding is also resistant to fading or sun bleaching, especially once it has been coated with a tinted weatherproof topcoat. Steel cladding may rust if chipped, so fixes should be made immediately if chipped. Aluminum cladding, on the other hand, does not rust and so is an exceptional choice for Vancouver.

For home builders looking for a modern look that saves them money, is environmentally friendly, and durable – metal cladding is an excellent choice. New metal panels can typically be installed over any type of cladding. Upgrading your building to a metal cladding will not disappoint in Vancouver’s climate.

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