How Metal Cladding is Changing Architectural Trends

January 30th, 2020 | in Siding and Paneling
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We live in an architectural environment that is diverse and varied. Interestingly, metal cladding has become more influential and prevalent.

According to recent press, the use of metal in architecture is increasing as both an accent material and a primary material. A large number of architects say that the biggest driver of metal cladding in different architectural trends is its versatility and its simplicity for custom fabrication.

Metal cladding has significantly changed architectural trends because it can be coated, folded, etched, stamped, and perforated in different ways. As technology improves with each passing year, so do the ways which architects use metal.

Here are some of the qualities of metal that make it desirable in construction:

1. Metal is used widely in building construction because of its beauty, but that's not the only reason.

2. Metal material is used on the interior of the buildings to express the architecture and to connect between the exterior with the interior of buildings.

3. Metal cladding gives a building a stable and long-lasting form that makes the building more memorable.

4. With metal, you can create some cool and bold designs with the juxtaposition of planes. You can make unique surface colors and designs with fractals. Different colors in metal is one of the newest architectural trends nowadays.

This durable material makes it attractive to a large number of engineers and designers in building institutional, residential, and commercial buildings.

Last but not least, metal cladding is changing architectural trends because of its recyclability. Different types of metals are easy to get with a reliable recycled content. Metal is one of the few materials that is almost 100% recyclable.

Metal material is also often preferred and recommended by architects because its lightness lowers transportation expenses compared to concrete or brick.

Sheet metal is our business, and we recommend that you consider metal in your next building project.

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