How Often to Clean Wood-Grain, Metal Siding?

September 29th, 2021 | in KBS Paneling System
How Often to Clean Wood-Grain Metal Siding

Sometimes the question arises, how often should you clean exterior, wood-grain, metal siding? The short answer is generally once a year. Twice a year would be okay if you felt that the siding really needed it, but more than that is not advised.

How do you clean wood-grain, metal siding?

Most people clean it by power washing. You would wet it down, then spray with a mild, soapy mixture, then spray it off.

You can use a soft brush as long as you are careful not to damage or scratch the siding. If you are cleaning a small area, some people use a weak vinegar and water solution. But any kind of soap that has some detergent in it will work fine.

The enemies of metal siding are oxidation and corrosion. As long as you don’t use anything abrasive that will scratch the siding, then cleaning the siding will not shorten its very long service life. And don’t forget that metal siding is almost 100% recyclable—which is not true of other types of siding.

So, basically, you clean wood-grain metal siding the same way you would clean any kind of metal siding: with soap and once or twice a year.

Wood-grain metal siding will last for many years, and it’s much more environmentally friendly than other siding types. One great advantage of wood-grain metal siding is that it really looks like wood and offers considerable character to a building exterior yet with the same advantages of all metal siding.

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