How Sheet Metal Cladding Became a Key Player in Sustainable Construction

September 20th, 2023 | in Siding and Paneling
How Sheet Metal Cladding Became a Key Player in Sustainable Construction

British Columbia is home to gorgeous natural scenery and cutting-edge sustainable methods. Ever since the government committed to reaching net-zero carbon pollution by 2050, homeowners and businesses have had to adjust the way they live.

While electric cars are often the clearest form of adjustment, building sustainable homes is just as important. Sheet metal cladding plays a crucial role in this step. As it’s the ability to separate outside elements, such as the cold, goes a long way in reducing energy consumption.

Beyond this benefit though, is the fact that sheet metal cladding can easily be outfitted with solar panels. As a result, your home consumes significantly less energy than wood or steel, and it can even produce its own. The government hopes that significant adoption of sheet metal cladding will reduce the stress on the energy grid and eventually have all homes self-reliant.

Finding Sheet Metal Options in British Columbia

With its ability to reduce energy consumption, sheet metal cladding has become a crucial resource in our quest for net-zero energy consumption. As a result, more and more developers are incorporating sheet metal into townhomes, condos, and multi-family residences. However, sheet metal cladding is not just for large developments.

At Klassen Building Supplies, our goal is to make sheet metal affordable and accessible to everyone in British Columbia. If you are ready to make the switch, our team can help. We can fabricate, customize, and install sheet metal so that it fits according to your size constraints and style. 

Since 2004, Klassen Building Supplies has been a leader in sheet metal fabrication, supply, and installation in the Vancouver area. Klassen also does considerable custom metal work.

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