How Sheet Metal Cladding Contributes to Thermal Insulation

August 31st, 2023 | in Siding and Paneling
How Sheet Metal Cladding Contributes to Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation naturally becomes a hot issue for homes as winter approaches, and the weather starts to cool. Even though many people think the discussion begins with wood or steel frames, there is a cutting-edge new alternative, sheet metal cladding.

Sheet metal cladding is a high-quality, custom-fabricated product that not only adds aesthetic appeal but also greatly improves a building's heating efficiency.

The Heat Retaining Magic Behind Sheet Metal Cladding

Sheet metal cladding is essentially a protective layer made from steel or aluminum, which is applied on the surfaces of buildings. But it's not just about protection, as the 38-gauge sheet metal cladding also adds a significant layer of thermal insulation. By reducing heat flow, metal cladding helps maintain a stable temperature within a building, thus reducing the workload on your heating system.

This works in conjunction with aluminum or steel layers that reflect heat, preventing it from penetrating the interior space. The appeal is twofold, as sheet metal cladding also effectively disposes of absorbed heat in the summer, preventing the building from becoming uncomfortably hot.

The Added Strength and Aesthetics of Sheet Metal Cladding

At Klassen Building Supplies, we use a premium wood grain paneling system made from 24-gauge steel to create a material strong enough to resist the punishing weather of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area. This blend of resilience and aesthetics gives off a truly Western Canadian look while optimizing thermal insulation.

From basic applications to complex installations, our metal fabrication services run the gamut. Our products can be used throughout the exterior of a construction project - from the roof to the siding and windows, and even around the outdoor patio.

Remember, thermal insulation isn't just about staying warm—it's about energy efficiency, reducing costs, and creating a comfortable interior environment. So why not opt for sheet metal cladding?

Since 2004, Klassen Building Supplies has been a leader in sheet metal fabrication, supply, and installation in the Vancouver area. Klassen also does considerable custom metal work.

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