How to Choose the Right Finish for Your Sheet Metal Cladding

July 30th, 2023 | in Siding and Paneling
How to Choose the Right Finish for Your Sheet Metal Cladding

Making an informed decision about the right finish for your sheet metal cladding is a crucial decision. It shapes not just the look of your cladding but also influences how well it's going to wear over time and how much care it'll require in its lifetime.

There's a bit of art to selecting a perfect finish—it isn't as simple as picking out a colour you like. You have to find that harmony between aesthetics, durability, convenience of maintenance, and value.

When it comes to achieving the perfect countryside aesthetic, our wood grain finish is an ideal choice. It replicates the natural beauty of wood impeccably while offering the resilience of 24-gauge steel. This gives you all the appeal of rustic wooden accents with none of the downsides. 

And for city properties, our non-combustible cladding is resistant to mildew, rot, and pests, significantly lowering upkeep efforts and expenses. With a superior lifespan to wood, and coupled with minimized maintenance, our sheet metal cladding stands out compared to the competition.

Different Finish Options

Different projects necessitate different finishes, and there are a few common types of sheet metal cladding finishes that are used in commercial and residential projects.

Firstly, there is the Raw Finish, which leaves the sheet metal in its untouched state. Its major selling point is its genuineness; however, it may lack some protective features against weathering or rust compared to others.

Next in line is Bead Blasting, which involves a high-pressure projection of small glass bead particles on the surface, creating a uniform matte-like appearance. Bead Blasting successfully conceals minor scratches giving a naturally modern, sophisticated appearance.

The last finishing option is Anodizing. This chemical technique drastically enhances the corrosion resistance of metal siding sheets via an electrolytic passivation process, which forms an oxide layer capable of withstanding harsh environments for potentially decades without notable degradation.

To summarize, finding your perfect finish boils down to identifying what factors—including aesthetic preference, building functionality, locale considerations, and budgetary restrictions—hold the highest priority for you. If you need a bit of assistance, Klassen Building Supplies is always ready to guide you through these choices to further assist with your decision-making process.

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