How to Ensure Sheet Metal Installations Meet the Current BC Building Code Requirements

February 27th, 2019 | in Siding and Paneling

sheet metal siding

The BC Building Code is regulation governing new constructions, as well as building alterations, repairs and demolitions. As this code is provincially regulated, it must be followed and complied with at all times. This includes sheet metal installation in BC.

Where do I find the BC Building Code?

To ensure sheet metal installations meet the current BC Building Code Requirements, you should first familiarize yourself with how to access the full building code. The government of BC has published a website which has access to an online pass, or option to buy a print copy. This is linked below.


The online version contains many useful features, one specifically allowing narrowing of a search to find a specific part of the Code. This is useful in determining if your sheet metal installation meets the Code requirements, and what steps you need to follow.


As with any permit based building project, you will require inspections to make sure your installation is Code compliant. Before booking an inspection with your local municipality, you should conduct your own inspection, based on the Building Code requirements. This can save on time and possibly money should there be something needing to be fixed.

Klassen building supplies ensures that all fabricated products are in compliance with the BC Building Code requirements, and can also provide support and installation services, ensuring that your project is done right, and the sheet metal installation meets current BC Building Code Requirements.

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