Is Metal Cladding Too Hot in the Summer?

February 27th, 2021 | in Metal Fabrication

People often think of metal as a material which conducts heat--which it does. But metal cladding is not hot in the summer for several reasons. It is installed with proper ventilation and insulation which prevents heat from entering a building, and in fact, much of the heat is reflected away. Your metal cladding can work perfectly for maintaining your indoor ambiant temperature.

There are all kinds of solutions to help to keep a building cool, including cool metal roofs, door and window treatments, reflective coatings, and good ventilation.

Starting at the Top

The great way to keep your home cool during summer is to start at the top. When a cool metal roof is installed, there will be a coated steel sheet that will reflect heat away from the building. These types of roofs are designed to be energey-efficient and recyclable. Proper venting and insulation will take care of the temperature control.

Creates a heat barrier

Proper insulation, and enough of it, is the main factor that will keep a metal building warm in winter and cool during summer. You need not only the right insulation, but enough of it. A professional metal roof installer can help you determine that.

Treat doors and windows

There are different things that can be done to help prevent heat entering doors and windows. These include

-Shaded Overhangs

-Awnings over windows

-Canopies over windows

-Window fans

-Reflective windowpane glass

Metal cladding has many advantages, and it will not create an overly hot (or cold) building. Keep in mind that metal products are some of the very few that are almost 100% recyclable. Don’t let the fear of a hot building in summer prevent you from enjoying a metal-cladded structure all year round.

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