Is There Metal Trim to Match My Metal Siding?

November 22nd, 2022 | in KBS Paneling System
Is There Metal Trim to Match My Metal Siding?

If you are considering wood-grain metal siding, then you may be wondering about the trim and whether it matches the siding. In today’s problem we’re going to talk about our KBS wood-grain metal siding. 


We manufacture our KBS wood-grain siding. That means that we manufacture the trim at the same time as the rest of the siding and it is a perfect match

Furthermore, we manufacture the trim to meet your individual specifications. So, the trim not only is a perfect match, but it is also a perfect fit. 

Advantages of manufacturing 

There are several advantages to manufacturing the siding ourselves. One is that the trim is a perfect match to the siding. Another is that all of the pieces are made to exactly fit where it is going so there is less need for and time spent trimming pieces on site. 

Having trim that perfectly matches the siding means the final product is a seamless look. One of the fundamental design principles is that something should be either a perfect match or there should be some contrast. Having a close match that is not exact is almost always a mistake. 

More Information 

There is more information about our wood-grain metal siding on our website. There is a lot more information about the paneling system, the colours available, and a downloadable pdf with some specs. 

Wood-grain metal siding is beautiful, but much longer lasting than wood. If you would like to talk to us about our KBS wood-grain siding, then give us a call in Vancouver at (604) 543-7331.  


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