Is Wood Grain Metal Siding a Good Long Term Solution?

November 27th, 2018 | in KBS Paneling System
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Is wood grain metal siding a good long term solution?

Answer: Yes, wood grain metal siding is a great long-term solution that is low maintenance and can last for a lifetime.


While traditional wood siding is popular for its natural beauty and aesthetic, it comes with a number of drawbacks such as high maintenance requirements, plus vulnerability to weather and insects. Areas with high moisture contents require even more maintenance by painting and sealing consistently to avoid moisture buildup in the wood – even something as simple as plants growing too close to the siding can cause too much moisture for the wood siding.

Wood Grain Metal Siding

For homeowners in higher moisture areas, or who want lower maintenance siding, wood grain metal siding is an excellent choice that can still give off the aesthetically pleasing look of wood. This option offers excellent home protection without sacrificing the look of your home. Wood grain metal siding is a great long-term solution for home siding because it boasts the following great benefits:

-        Low Maintenance: especially in comparison to wood, metal siding is extremely low maintenance. It does not need to be repainted, sealed, or stained. In fact, the only maintenance it requires is cleaning to remove debris and dirt.

-        Many steel siding companies offer a lifetime warranty. Homeowners can rest easy knowing that their home’s protection is protected for many years.

-        Simple to install. Comparing again to wood siding, metal siding is quite easy to install and some types do not require any special equipment or caulking.

When considering replacing the siding on your home, consider wood grain metal siding. This type of siding offers low maintenance, durable siding that is just as aesthetically pleasing as wood siding (if not more so!)

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