Metal Siding Vs. Wood Siding - A Cost Comparison

December 31st, 2021 | in Siding and Paneling
Metal Siding Vs. Wood Siding - A Cost Comparison

Metal and wood are two of the most common materials used for siding. For many years, there has been a clear difference between the two. Wood was the more affordable option, while metal was more expensive upfront, but required less maintenance.

However, due to the rising cost of wood, this simple rule of thumb requires some revising. In this guide, we will look at the pros and cons of each material and explain which material is most cost-effective.

Metal Siding


1. Metal siding is very strong. Not only is it impervious to mold and insects, but it can also protect your home from moisture and intense weather.

2. Since metal siding is so strong, it can last for many years. During this time, it’s unlikely that you will need to perform any maintenance.

3. Metal siding tends to be inexpensive. Even if you buy steel - the most expensive metal siding material - you will save money due to a lack of needed maintenance and repairs.


1. The aesthetics of metal siding tend to be bland.

2. Some metal siding is prone to denting.

3. Rain and hail can make a lot of noise when falling against the metal siding.

Wood Siding


1. Wood siding possesses a natural, earthy aesthetic that, to many, is very pleasing.

2. Since wood is customizable, wood siding can be painted and stained in almost any color.

3. Out of all the siding materials that exist, wood is one of the most environmentally friendly. You can recycle wood, and it breaks down quickly.


1. Even though wood siding is durable, this durability requires regular maintenance. To maintain your wood siding, you will need to repaint and reseal it every 5-years, give or take.

2. Lack of proper maintenance can easily lead to water and structural damage. Both of these can affect the rest of your home, leading to further difficulties.

3. The ongoing cost of maintaining wood siding is quite expensive.

Which One Is Most Cost-Effective?

Even though metal and wood are both great, metal is easily the most cost-effective. The cost of metal siding varies, and it can be more than wood siding. However, with the rising cost of wood, the prices are usually comparable.

Additionally, metal siding requires no maintenance and is so strong that repairs will rarely be needed. This will result in long-term savings. To learn more about metal siding, contact us.

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