Should I Use Sheet Metal for my Next tiny House Project?

June 25th, 2019 | in Siding and Paneling

Using Sheet Metal for a tiny House Project

If you have been considering a tiny home project, you probably realize the number of tough decisions that go into the design and construction of it. One consideration is what to choose as side paneling. With so many options at your disposal, one stands out among the others, and this is sheet metal paneling.

Why Use Sheet Metal Cladding?

There are a few reasons to use sheet metal siding for your tiny home project. Sheet metal siding is available in a wide variety of styles, profiles and colours. This customization is unmatched with other siding options, as you are able to choose siding that matches your design style. There are even wood grain sheet metal siding options available, if you like the classic look and style of wood grain without the maintenance and upkeep.

Speaking of maintenance and upkeep, this is another reason why metal cladding is ideal for tiny homes. Other options such as wood or even hardy board require regular maintenance, specifically regular applications of paint and sealers. Metal cladding is low maintenance, just requiring the occasional cleaning should your trails get dusty.

Metal siding is also very durable, able to withstand the elements and environmental conditions very well. Your tiny home needs to be durable, and metal siding is the perfect high-quality choice to help make this a reality. This durability can even be transferred by choosing metal roofing and trim options, to make sure your tiny home is durable, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing.

If you are considering options for paneling for your tiny house, consider contacting Klassen Building Supplies and taking a look at all the sheet metal cladding options available to choose from.

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