The Science Behind Corrosion Resistance in Sheet Metal Cladding

October 30th, 2023 | in Siding and Paneling
The Science Behind Corrosion Resistance in Sheet Metal Cladding

Ever noticed how your shiny metal garden furniture loses its sheen over time? That’s due to a chemical reaction we call 'corrosion.' Corrosion is always lurking around the corner and gradually gnaws away the luster and robustness of our beloved metallic structures. 

Corrosion starts with oxidation. When a metal surface interacts with oxygen, it forms metal oxides. This gradual disintegration influences not only the metal's aesthetic appeal but also its structural integrity.

But why don't all metals corrode? Well, the answer lies in their valence electrons. Metals like aluminum have a higher capacity to resist oxidation due to their strong electronegativity and ability to form protective oxide layers that act as a shield against further corrosion.

Deterring Corrosion with Painting and Coating

Coating your steel can create a physical barrier that prevents oxygen from reaching the surface, thus inhibiting corrosion. Modern science has provided us with advanced polymer-based coatings that heighten the resistance capabilities of our metallic walls and roofs.

Beyond this, galvanization can also protect against corrosion. Galvanization is a process where a protective layer of zinc is applied to steel or iron to prevent rusting. Zinc is more reactive than iron or steel attracting all the oxidation, leaving the core material untouched and unharmed.

By understanding the nature of corrosion and the cutting-edge techniques available to counteract it, we can create metal structures that stand tall against time and the elements, and that is exactly what we are doing at Klassen Building Supplies.

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