What Changes are Expected To BC's Building Code for 2022?

November 30th, 2021 |
What Changes are Expected To BC's Building Code for 2022

British Columbia is a beautiful province with an incredible landscape that is respected and protected. However, to maintain our green way of life, developers and homeowners have to follow unique provincial bylaws and building codes that are constantly changing.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of any upcoming changes ahead of time. In this article, we are sharing the biggest upcoming change to the BC building code for 2022.

Increasing The BC Energy Step Code Requirement

The biggest change will be higher energy-efficiency requirements due to the BC Energy Step Code plan. The BC Energy Step Code began to be enforced in 2017 but will take a step forward in late 2022.

According to the BC Government website, "Starting in 2022, local governments have the authority to require or incentivize builders to meet one or more steps. In the future, new homes will need to be built better than the current BC Building Code. Starting in 2022, any new home must be 20 percent more energy-efficient than the current code states"

The goal of the BC Energy Step Code is to help the government improve energy efficiency. The more energy-efficient a home is, the less stress there is on our environment and the more affordable it will be to live in for years to come.

Adjusting to the Change

With such a noteworthy change heading our way, it is paramount that developers know what they are doing. If you are planning to build a new home soon, you will need to do your research. Properly adjusting to the BC Energy Step Code change requires preparation and a thorough understanding of the new requirements.

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