What Is the Environmental Impact of Sheet Metal Cladding?

October 26th, 2019 |
Environmental Impact of Sheet Metal Cladding

The environmental impact of sheet metal siding or cladding is very small because 99% of sheet metal is recyclable. Have you ever tried to recycle vinyl siding? Good luck with that.

The problem with vinyl siding is that it’s historically made from PVC or polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is difficult to recycle chemically not just because of the chlorine that comes out of it but because of all the other hazardous chemicals that it is made with.

Metal cladding is metal, and there are not a lot of hazardous chemicals used in its manufacturing. There are several different metals that it can be made with, but it’s often steel that is coated with a zinc compound. And all of those metals recycle easily.

Vinyl siding usually winds up in the landfill. Wood siding is rotten at the end of its life. And sheet metal cladding has a very long life—like 50 years. Talk about sustainable. That’s the definition of sustainable in a throw-away society. And 50 years is two or three times the life of wood or vinyl siding.

Sheet metal siding also increases property value because of its long life and recyclability. Buyers are tuned in to the environmental impact of their properties and want sustainability.

It’s possible to have sheet metal siding that mimics wood. We have a product called the KBS Paneling System that looks like wood, but it’s 24-gauge steel. So, you have the appearance of wood but the advantages of metal. If you have an upcoming project, talk to us about using metal. The environment will thank you.

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