What Is the Purpose of a Custom-Fabricated Chimney Cap?

July 25th, 2020 | in Siding and Paneling
Why do you need a custom chimney cap

The chimney cap is an absolutely essential part of the chimney. The chimney cap has several purposes: it keeps water from rain or snow out of the flue, it prevents animals like birds or squirrels from entering the flue or hanging out on top of the chimney, and it also affects the draft.


You have to keep water out of the flue. Water is damaging to the chimney, and the last thing you want is water raining onto your fireplace.

Furthermore, water coming down the flue can affect airflow.


Chimneys are well known to be a common entry for animals. Animals nesting under the cap or inside the chimney affect airflow, can be a fire hazard, and it's also dangerous for the animals.

Furthermore, if squirrels or raccoons come inside your house, they can do thousands of dollars of damage and are not so easy to catch.


The cap can affect airflow and draft. The cap can reduce the airflow causing smoke to back up into your house, and the cap can also improve draft--which is what you want.

Custom Caps

The reason why you want a custom cap is twofold. One, you want the cap to perfectly fit the top of the chimney and do what it's intended to do--protect the chimney and it's airflow. And the second reason is because a chimney cap is also a design element. Only a custom cap will look the way you want it to and match the rest of the house.

A proper custom chimney cap not only improves the function of your chimney but it can cut down on chimney wear and tear. You only get the perfect fit if your chimney cap is custom made.

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