What is the Role of Sheet Metal Cladding In the Environmental Sustainability of a Building?

April 29th, 2023 | in Siding and Paneling
What is the Role of Sheet Metal Cladding In the Environmental Sustainability of a Building?

When creating an energy-efficient and net-zero consumption building, most people immediately think about solar panels and smart appliances. And while these components are helpful, the aspect that has the biggest impact on a building's sustainability and environmental impact is its material and envelope.

There are plenty of choices for building materials, and the type you choose impacts the design, cost, and sustainability. Sheet metal cladding is the perfect material for those aiming to create a sustainable and net-zero energy-consumption building. 

First and foremost, sheet metal cladding can be made with recyclable materials, which means no new resources are wasted.

Furthermore, high-quality steel, such as 24-gauge steel, is extremely durable. When compared to timber, metal cladding offers significantly more fire resistance, wind resistance, and pest resistance. These factors can maintain a tighter building envelope over time and ensure no resources are wasted heating or cooling the property.

Finally, metal cladding requires virtually zero maintenance besides cleaning and potential recoating every 15 years. Other than this, there is no need to deal with rot, warped beams, or infested areas of the building.

Finding Sheet Metal Cladding in British Columbia

As you can see, metal cladding can have a direct impact on the environmental sustainability of a building. If you are creating a new building, take some time to research the environmental and economic benefits of sheet metal cladding.

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