What Maintenance Is Required for Metal Cladding and Flashings?

October 29th, 2020 | in Siding and Paneling
What Maintenance Is Required for Metal Cladding and Flashings?

What maintenance is required for metal cladding and flashings depends on what type of metal has been used and also the climate where the building resides. Some types may need almost zero maintenance, but others may require some attention. There is no one right answer.

Areas of the metal flashings and cladding that are not rain washed should be wiped of dirt or debris yearly. Washing of metal cladding and flashings keeps your material in better shape and increases its durability. Sometimes the metal cladding may require being recoated for every eight to fifteen years but this depends on the location and the cladding type. Metal cladding and flashings on inland buildings typically last longer compared to coastal buildings that are near the sea spray zone. Everything deteriorates faster near the ocean.

How to deal with rust

You should remove the rust on metal cladding and flashings as soon as you notice it. We recommend you to remove the rust with a light sanding, but don’t use a wire brush. When the surface is dry and clean, paint it with a zinc primer and at least with two layers of an acrylic coating.

Here are Annual Metal Cladding and Flashings Tips that you can Use

Frequent inspection of your metal cladding and flashings is a good idea. Look for any dented places that may result in pooling water and clear all the dirt and debris. Ensure that your metal cladding and flashings are not in contact with any water. Water can cause mildew and mould on your metal flashings.

Mildew and mould can be removed with a plastic brush and less tough stains can be eliminated by use of a cloth with warm water. Precipitation such as snow and ice can be brushed away. We recommend that you don’t use a metal wire tool because you can damage the surface of your metal cladding and flashings further.

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