Why Choose Metal Siding for a Residential Building?

January 30th, 2019 | in Siding and Paneling

With so many siding options available for residential buildings, the choices can seem overwhelming. You have probably looked at several options, each question leading to more questions and confusion. Metal siding is one excellent option you have probably considered. It has several advantages such as:

-        Low Maintenance

-        Durability

-        Sustainability

Low Maintenance

There is no such thing as no maintenance siding. All siding options require varying degrees of maintenance to remain in optimal condition and perform for years to come. Metal cladding is resistant to water and environmental hazards when properly installed and coated. It also does not require painting or other regular maintenance routines that other options require.


Metal siding, aside from being resistant to wear, is also strong and durable. The tough nature of metal siding means it is resistant to cracking and other tear and wear. Metal siding is also more fire resistant than other materials. Most metal siding can last decades with minimal upkeep.


Metal is a sustainable siding material as it can be recycled when it is eventually replaced. Some metal siding options made from completely recycled materials are also available. Metal cladding is also energy efficient, being an excellent insulator to keep heat in during the winter, and reflect it back out in the Summer months.

Metal siding has gained in popularity over the last few years, and has become an excellent choice for residential building siding. Not only is it durable, sustainable, and relatively maintenance free, but there are many attractive and appealing design and colour choices now available, making it “the choice” for siding.

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