Why Use Wood Grain Sheet Metal Siding for Commercial Properties?

March 24th, 2019 | in KBS Paneling System

With so many siding options available for your commercial building, choosing the right option can be difficult. Thankfully, KBS Paneling System can help to make this decision a bit easier. There are many advantages of this wood grain sheet metal siding, such as:

-        Cost Effectiveness

-        Low Maintenance

-        Long Life Span

-        Visually Appealing

When compared to other siding options, KBS paneling systems are very cost effective. This metal siding is made from 24 gauge steel, making it strong and durable and ready to stand up for years to come. Further, with KBS paneling systems, you get all the maintenance advantages of metal siding, such as not needing to be painted and the ease of installation.

The final reason for the recent popularity in KBS paneling is the appearance. This sheet metal siding has many wood grain colour finishes available. Essentially, you get all the advantages of metal over wood siding, but also get the visual appeal and aesthetics of a wood grain finish.

KBS paneling can also be installed vertical or horizontal. Choose a vertical arrangement to provide a clean lined look, or horizontal for a more modern look. There are also soffit panels available to ensure a seamless and finished look.

KBS Paneling systems should tick all your boxes for what you are looking for in siding. With the appearance of wood siding, without the high maintenance and upkeep that wood provides, KBS Paneling system truly gives you the best of both worlds.

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