Wood Grain Metal Siding and BC Architecture

November 30th, 2020 | in KBS Paneling System
Wood Grain Metal Siding and BC Architecture

Many types of metal siding are now available in wood grain patterns that mimic wood. This is a great example of current trends in both British Columbia architecture and also architecture of the Pacific Northwest.

Current architectural trends are to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and using metal cladding or metal roofs fits in with that philosophy of reducting waste. Metal siding or cladding is one of the few building materials that is almost 100% recyclable. It’s extremely difficult to recycle vinyl siding, but no matter what type of metal siding you use, you can recycle it easily.

By making the metal cladding with wood grain patterns, you have available a chic and trendy material (metal) but that look like a “green” material (wood.) There continues to be a trend for contemporary, clean, smooth looks, and metal is all those things.

Having metal siding available in different colors and in wood grain will appeal to all of those who are wanting to make a bright and colorful contemporary statement but with the functionality and advantages of metal.

Metal siding is always a great choice because it is so long lasting. Metal siding lasts longer than any of the other possibilities. While the upfront cost may be higher, the cost over time is lower if you use metal. With different wood grains and colors available, metal can give any designer or building owner the look that he or she desires along with a practicality that makes sense.

For a low maintenance and fire-resistant material, metal is the clear winner. Talk to us if you are considering metal siding for your home or building.

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